Chocolate MouldsUsage of the Moulds

• Minimize the twisting of the mould to a max

• You can hammer only on the strengthening ribs in case demoulding the product

• Do not use any sharp devices or edges for demoulding

• The hammer material must be softer than PC. e.g. PA/POM or rubber. Also several softer hits are better than one hard hit.

• Avoid pointed and uprupt impacts on the mould during transport on the line and in the vibration station.

• Avoid compression load on the mould e.g. by the scrapper or collecting roller.

• Prevent fillings (e.g. caramel, especially alcohol) from contacting the mould surface.

• Make sure to follow our recommendations for removing spinning moulds from the spinning head.

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The max usage temperature of the moulds is 80-100°C (176-212°F) in dry conditions. Avoid any temperature above range e.g. under the heating elements for mould pre-heating or chocolate shellrim-heater.

Storage of the MouldsHow we can keep chocolate moulds

• Make sure that the moulds are completely dry before storing.

• Make sure that the moulds are stored without any compression load, no bending and stress free

• Make sure that the moulds are stored in darkness and especially protect the moulds from ultra-violet radiation exposure.

• Book moulds should be stored closed


Washing of the MouldsHow we can wash moulds

• Mechanical cleaning e.g. with a cotton swab, brush or eraser scratches and damages the mould surface.

• Use only low water pressure with maximum 3 bar 43,5 psi) pressure.

• Use only demineralized water through osmosis process.

• Raw water hardness; approximately 0,18.

• Only use washing agents, rising aids and de-foamers suitable for PC. The pH value of washing agent should be around 9,5 to 10,5 and the pH value of the rinsing agent below 7.

• Make sure that the mixing ratio is approximately 1,0 – 3,0 g. litre (4-11 g/gallons) washing agent / water.

• Contact the detergent and washing equipment supplier for further details and recommendations.

• The maximum mould surface temperature should not exceed 60°C (140°F) while washing and drying

• Make sure that the mould is completely dry with no remaining moisture or detergent after dying


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